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Ishpingo Tours: Ecuador Travel and Tours
Ishpingo Tours: Ecuador Travel and Tours
Ishpingo Tours: Ecuador Travel and Tours
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galapagos islands san cristobal

San Cristóbal (Chatham)

Various accolades can be claimed by San Cristóbal, the fifth largest island in the archipelago, not least that it was the first island in the Galapagos on which Charles Darwin set-foot during the survey expedition of HMS Beagle in September 1835.

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Blue Footed Boobies galapagos islands

South Plaza

The crescent shaped slither of an island, South Plaza, and its nearby twin were formed not volcanically, but by uplifts in the sea floor. Due to scientific research programs it is not possible to visit North Plaza; however, South Plaza more than makes up for this by offering a great variety of flora and fauna — all the more surprising given the islands tiny size at barely 1km long by 100m wide.

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galapagos santa fe island sea lions

Santa Fé (Barrington)

The fascinating and somewhat isolated island of Santa Fé was formed around four million years ago by basaltic lava that oozed from underwater fissures. The island’s 24 square kilometres are covered with arid-zone vegetation such as Palo Santo, opuntia (also known as paddle cactus or prickly pear) and Heller’s scaleasia, a subspecies of daisy found along the coast.

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Puerto Ayora at Night galapagos islands santa cruz

Santa Cruz (Indefatigable)

One of the most important islands in the archipelago, not least because the town of Puerto Ayora is home to both the Charles Darwin Research Station and the administrative centre of the Galapagos National Park Service.

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galapagos islands sally lightfoot crab

San Salvador (Santiago or James)

The largely arid Isla San Salvador, more commonly known by its old Spanish name of Santiago, was once an important hideout for 17th and 18th century English buccaneers who would re-provision their ships with water, firewood and, regrettably to our modern eyes, tortoises which were taken on board for food.

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seymour island galapagos

North & South Seymour (Baltra)

Most tours start on Baltra as this small island is home to the archipelago’s main airport. Baltra was used as a U.S. military base in WWII and is now a base for Ecuador’s armed forces. Visitors may take comfort when arriving at the airport, seemingly out of place in so precious and fragile an environment, that it is the first ecological airport in the world designed to reduce impact through energy saving programs, rain water recovery systems and extensive recycling.

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Flamingo Searching the Brackish Waters for Food galapagos islands

Isabela (Albermarle)

By far the largest island in the archipelago at 4588 square kilometres and measuring 130 kilometres north to south and 70 kilometres at its widest point and occupying over 58% of the Galapagos’ entire land mass.

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galapagos islands genovesa

Genovesa (Tower)

The horseshoe shaped island of Genovesa is one of the youngest in the archipelago, being a mere one million years old. As it is the only island north of the equator that allows visitors, this makes it an even more special destination.

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galapagos floreana islanda devil's crown

Floreana (Charles or Santa María)

Several curiosities are associated with Floreana, the sixth largest island in the archipelago, not least the whiff of scandal and intrigue that surrounds three groups of German settlers who arrived on the island in the 1930’s and that, one by one, mysteriously began to die or disappear.

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Galapagos Penguins Swimming in the Harbour

Fernandina (Narborough)

The third largest, youngest and westernmost of the islands that form the Galapagos archipelago, Fernandina’s 642 square metres is mostly barren black lava with Volcán la Cumbre dominating the landscape. Its massive domed cone continues to grumble, erupting on average every five years so making Fernandina, alongside neighbouring Isabela, one of the most volcanically active of the islands.

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galapagos islands espanola sea lions beach

Española (Hood)

The most southerly island in the archipelago, dramatic Española is also one of the oldest and breathtaking. It plays host to several unique species and sub-species and is a great Galapagos environmental success story.

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galapagos islands gay tour bartolome island

Bartolomé (Bartholomew)

Bartolomé is a small island just east of Santiago is best known for Pinnacle Rock, the stark remains of an eroded tuff cone that juts like a large sail out into Bartolomé’s northern bay and which is easily one of the most familiar landmarks of the archipelago.

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