Hamadryade Lodge

According to classical Greek mythology, the Hamadryades were wood nymphs whose lives were bound with a particular tree and who both protected and shared the tree’s fate.

The French owners of Hamadryade Lodge are certainly living up to these mythological namesakes, having rescued and reclaimed this now tranquil and protected site from what was once an unsightly gold mine.

The area has been thoroughly restored and the highly contemporary lodge buildings have been elegantly integrated into the surrounding jungle, positioned as they are to take full advantage of the enchanting view over the river Napo and the vista of the seemingly never-ending forest beyond.

Comprising of only four spacious suite bungalows and one self-contained de-lux chalet, Hamadryade has a real air of exclusivity. The accommodation is superbly appointed with luxurious modern bathrooms, king-sized beds, fine Italian linens and each bungalow is uniquely decorated with designs based around the traditional symbolism of the local Kichwa, Shuar, Huaorani and Cofán ethnic groups.

The attention to detail is equally impressive in Hamadryade’s communal areas: a comfortable lounge/bar and dining area have a commanding view over The Lodges’s infinity swimming pool to the river and forest beyond.

As might be expected, Hamadryade’s French owners place great emphasis on the quality of the cuisine. The fusion of Ecuadorian ingredients with French style and panache, all taken in an exquisite jungle setting, give rise to truly memorable dining moments.

In addition to Amazon tour activities such as white water rafting, kayaking and visits to local Huaorani and Kichwa communities, Hamadryade Lodge also offers cookery workshops, yoga retreats and personal development programs.

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