Sacha Lodge

One of the most exclusive eco-lodges, Sacha is located in a spectacular setting on the banks of Lake Pilchicocha within Ecuador’s largest privately-owned rainforest reserve, a 5,000-acre paradise that teams with wildlife. Here, visitors may enjoy a true jungle adventure in comfort and safety. Sacha offers many unique attractions and activities not found at other Amazon lodges.

For spectacular views of the jungle, the unique canopy walk is not to be missed. At 36 meters above ground, the 275-meter canopy trail offers an extraordinary birds-eye view of the beauty and wonders of the rainforest. The Kapok Tower also affords excellent treetop views. The 41-meter high observation platform is built around an ancient kapok tree and is the perfect place to study the flora and fauna or simply to take in the view. On clear days, it is possible to see the cone-shaped Sumaco Volcano and, on occasions, even the snow-covered Andean peaks.

The excellent hikes and trails through the reserve afford superb opportunities to explore the pristine primary rainforest and to observe its denizens with the help of highly qualified naturalist guides. Nighttime excursions, both by foot and canoe, reveal an entirely different world. Become the observed as, with the aid of a flashlight, you catch sight of the eyes peering back at you. Whatever the outing, the possibilities of spotting animals from playful capuchin and squirrel monkeys to stealthy pumas and ocelots are almost endless.

After a day spent trekking through the jungle, a cooling dip in the black-water lake is an appealing option for those brave enough to swim with the anacondas, black caiman and the infamous razor-toothed piranha that populate Pilchicocha. Though carnivorous, the piranha is not quite the villain that Hollywood has made it out to be, and it is safe to swim with them in the lake. An opportunity to see those teeth up close is had with Sacha’s ever-popular piranha fishing expedition.

The comfortable cabins at Sacha radiate off a circular two-story thatched lodge that houses a restaurant, bar and small library. All rooms are screened against insects, have 24-hour electricity and ceiling fans and are equipped with a modern bathroom with hot water, shower and flushing lavatory. Each cabin also has a private deck with a hammock in which you can idle away your free time listening to the magical sounds of the jungle.

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