North & South Seymour (Baltra)

South Seymour (Baltra)

There is no real chance to see Baltra as upon arrival you will normally be met by an English-speaking guide who will whisk you to the nearby port where your Galapagos cruise boat will be waiting. Some Galapagos cruises start from San Cristóbal and there a variety of options available for land based tours.

North Seymour

Separated from Baltra by a short, narrow channel, North Seymour is an uplifted lava flow that has formed a plateau of only 1.9 square kilometers.

Though small, the island offers a good introduction to the unique plants and animals that can be found on the archipelago. It is here that you might first witness the piratical behaviour of the frigate birds: dive-bombing and harassing other birds into dropping food or nest building materials before swooping and snatching up the booty in their own beaks. An interesting circular trail takes you through the low, bushy vegetation so suited to the island's desert-like climate. Endemic plants such as the dwarf Palo Santo and the strikingly shaped opuntias form the backdrop to the constant cycle of mating, nesting and chick rearing. Endearingly comic blue-footed boobies are never more than an arms–length away.

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