Ishpingo Tours, a division of Andando Tours Cía. Ltda.

Please read these important information sections carefully as they detail the terms and conditions of the agreement between us and also contain important information about your holiday and the travel services provided by us, including any restrictions that may apply. As well as containing up-to-date pricing and availability, our website will display any changes to this information and we request that you check these details before making your booking.

The terms and conditions detailed here apply to all services, voyages and land programs contracted with Ishpingo Tours, a division of Andando Tours Cía. Ltda., herein known as Ishpingo Tours, and/or our affiliates. When you ask us to confirm your booking, it is understood that you have read and accepted the information, restrictions and obligations, as set out in the terms and conditions published on our website and that you accept that all this constitutes the entire agreement between us with regard to your booking and travel arrangements. No variations to these conditions shall be valid unless agreed by us in writing.

To confirm your booking you have up to 7 calendar days to make a deposit payment of 20% of the total value of the holiday in order for Ishpingo Tours to hold and guarantee the reservation. For some special tours we may require an initial deposit of 50%. .

The balance of the holiday must be paid in full 30 days prior to the holiday start date. Payment can be made via wire transfer to our accounts in the U.S. or Ecuador. Please contact us for details. For last minute bookings made 30 days or less prior to the holiday start date, full payment must be made at the time of making your booking.

If you wish to change any details of your booking we will do our best to help. In the event that the change requested results in an increase in the cost of the holiday, you will be charged for the additional value. If the charge reduces the value of the holiday, no refund will be made. .

Should you need to cancel your holiday, the following conditions will apply:

  • An individual traveler reservation is valid only when Ishpingo Tours returns a written confirmation to the client confirming the availability
  • Once the reservation is confirmed, the client has a limit of 8 days to make a 20% deposit of the value of the cruise to Ishpingo Tours to hold and guarantee the reservation. Our reservation system automatically eliminates all unguaranteed reservations after the time limit specified above. If the reservation is made between 119 and 60 days prior to the cruise start date, the deposit will be needed as soon as possible to secure the space.
  • Ishpingo Tours requires the full payment of the cruise value 60 days prior to the cruise start date.
  • Reservations canceled between the confirmation and 121 days prior to the cruise start date incur a penalty of 10% of the net value of the cruise.
  • Reservations canceled between 120 and 61 days prior to the cruise start date incur a penalty of 20% of the net value of the cruise.
  • Reservations canceled between 60 days and the cruise start date incur a penalty of 100% of the net value of the cruise.

As our holidays and tours are planned months in advance, it may occasionally be necessary to make changes to the holidays as described on our website and we reserve the right to do this at any time. We (or your travel agent) will notify you of any changes before you book or, if you have already booked, shall notify you as soon as we can.

We will always strive to provide you with the holiday that you have booked. At times, however, there may be a reason that requires us to cancel, for example: if there are not enough people booked on a holiday requiring a minimum number of persons for it to operate. In such events we reserve the right to cancel your holiday. If we do, however, — except in the case of force majeure* — you will be entitled to a refund or accept and alternative holiday from us of an equivalent or similar standard and price. We will always refund the difference in price if the replacement holiday is of a lower value.

If a cause for cancellation or amendment occurs after a holiday has begun, we reserve the right to allow our guides and/or associates to alter an itinerary and accommodation etc., on our behalf and where these amendments are made as a result of force majeure, no compensation will be made.

In any event, Ishpingo Tours accepts no liability for compensation beyond a full refund or replacement holiday of similar or equal value.

In case of any events of force majeure, or Acts of God such as: changes in government regulations, travel safety concerns, adverse weather conditions, civil or public disturbances, or any other situation(s) that threaten the wellbeing of the passengers and/or their belongings and/or the complete fulfillment of our services, ISHPINGO TOURS and/or their affiliates will provide the client and passenger with a detailed explanation and will offer similar or equal alternatives, while continuing to provide the same quality service. The passenger is then entitled to choose between any of the alternatives offered by ISHPINGO TOURS and/or their affiliates.

It is an express condition of booking that you have adequate travel insurance offering cover for (but not limited to) delayed departures, cancellation due to force majeure, lost, stolen and delayed baggage, comprehensive accident and medical insurance etc. You must make sure that your insurance policy covers you for all of the activities you plan to undertake whilst on holiday. Ishpingo Tours will not accept any liability for clients who travel without adequate insurance.

As stipulated above, it is a condition of booking that all clients have adequate insurance that includes full accident and medical cover.

Upon booking, please inform us of any special medical condition, temporary or permanent disability and/or pre-existing illness that may require special attention or treatment. Ishpingo Tours reserves the right to refuse any reservation if it is considered that a medical condition might place the passenger at risk during a voyage or tour. Ishpingo Tours will not be held liable for any consequence that may arise on holiday as a result of a pre-existing medical condition and/or disability.

Please be aware that some of the environments encountered on our holidays and tours can be physically challenging and demanding (including high altitude). Tour participants therefore need to be in good physical condition to be able to fully participate.

We recommend that you consult your General Practitioner in sufficient time before the start of your trip to verify whether you require specific vaccinations and to confirm that you are up to date on all routine vaccinations.

It must be thoroughly understood that all baggage and personal belongings are carried at your own risk and are your own responsibility. Ishpingo Tours will not be held liable or responsible for damaged, delayed or lost baggage for any reason. Adequate insurance is an express condition of booking and we strongly recommend that such cover include your baggage and personal belongings.

If you plan to take part in adventure sports and activities including, but not limited to: diving, horseback riding, climbing, zip lining, mountain biking, abseiling, etc., you must ensure that you have adequate insurance and you partake at your own risk. Please note that some operators will require you to sign a waver.

If you plan to dive in the Galapagos, please ensure that you have any relevant diving logs/documentation with you demonstrating proof of all open water dives. The Dive Master on the vessel will evaluate your diving performance and, at his/her discretion, decide whether you can dive at a specific dive site. Due to the strong waters, surges and cold waters, diving in the Galapagos is suitable only for experienced divers.

We want your holiday to be as enjoyable as possible occasionally, however, even the best-laid plans can go wrong. In the unlikely event of their being something not to your liking while you are on holiday, we aim to resolve the issue as quickly and amicably as possible. In order for us to do so we ask:

  • That you report the issue immediately to your guide and/or tour-leader giving them the opportunity to resolve the matter at the time.
  • Register the complaint/issue on one of our comment cards (available to your from your guide/tour-leader) so that all parties are clear on the precise nature of the problem. This simple process must be followed in order to allow us the opportunity to investigate and rectify your complaint whilst you are still on site.
  • If you are still dissatisfied, we ask that you write to us detailing the full nature of the issue. Such formal complaints must be made within 28 days of the conclusion of the holiday. Please note that it is not within the remit of our employees, representatives or suppliers to authorise, promise or make payments or to vary these terms & conditions or information detailed on the Ishpingo Tours website. We shall acknowledge receipt of your written complaint as quickly as possible and will investigate the points raised.

Our prices are correct on the date published. We reserve the right, however, to increase or decrease our prices at any time prior to booking. We (or your travel agent) will be able to confirm the up-to-date price of your holiday prior to confirming your booking.

Occasionally we may display on our website special offers, late availability prices and other special pricing that may reflect demand for a particular holiday. All special offers have a start from and book by date and this is always displayed on our website. Refunds cannot be made for those who have booked before these offers started and offers cannot be extended after the expiration date has passed. All offers are strictly subject to availability and you must confirm with us the price and availability at the time of booking.

Single travellers or guests who wish to occupy solo accommodations that are designed for two or more persons, may find that we have to charge a supplement in order for them to be able to do so. This is because per person prices are always calculated on the basis of double (and in some cases triple) occupancy.

A valid passport is required for travel to mainland Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. Your passport must have an expiration date of more than 6 months up to the date of your departure from Ecuador. If it does not, you may not be let into the country and you may lose all tours, services etc., purchased for your trip. Most visitors are automatically allowed to stay up to 90 days within a calendar year, however if you are joining us from a country outside the E.U. the USA or Canada, you must check the latest regulations with the Ecuadorian consulate or embassy in your country to see whether you need a visa to visit Ecuador.

All descriptions given on our website, or made orally or in writing, are given in good faith based on information believed to be correct at the time. After publishing such information, however, changes can take place that are beyond our control. We reserve the right to make changes to the information on our website at the point of booking or as soon as they are made known to us. We will do our utmost to notify you of any changes before your departure should they occur.

We aim to keep the information, price, terms and conditions etc., on our website up to date, however we reserve the right to make changes, increase or decrease the price of unsold holidays at any time and to correct errors or omissions. Any further editions of the website will supersede these conditions and prices. Current selling prices will be shown on our website and confirmed at the time of booking.

Please advise us of any special requests such as dietary requirements etc., at the time of making your booking. We will always do our best to meet any special requests and to pass them on to our suppliers. Please note, however, that special requests do not form part of our contractual agreement and we will have no liability if they are not met.

We reserve the right to refuse to accept you as a customer or to continue dealing with you at any time if your behaviour affects or threatens to affect other travellers, our staff or our suppliers’ staff. If any of those in charge of operating our holidays, such as boat crew or lodge staff, consider you to be disruptive, abusive or a danger to others, they can refuse to allow you to proceed with your travel arrangements. If this means you are prevented from boarding your outbound flight we shall consider your booking cancelled and the appropriate cancellation charges will apply. If this occurs whilst you are abroad, you will be responsible for making and paying for all necessary alternative arrangements. In any of these circumstances, no refunds or compensation will be paid.

This contract/terms & conditions will be subject to the laws and exclusive jurisdiction of the Ecuadorian courts. In case of arbitration, the procedure will be carried out with the assistance of a mediator or an appropriate arbitrage tribune based in the city of Quito.

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