Ishpingo Tours has selected a unique group of Ecuadorian highland haciendas all rich in history and cultural heritage that offer to take you on an exhilarating trip back in time. Many have been in the same family for numerous generations and have witnessed the most important events that have made Ecuador the fascinating destination it is today. Join us on an Andean adventure where, whether on horseback, train or participating in extreme sports like mountain biking or even day-to-day life on a working farm, you will have contact with local people and experience firsthand their way of life while learning how these marvelous pre-colonial and colonial haciendas are working in conservation and the preservation of timeless traditions striving to enrich the lives of the people who call this region home.

Hacienda El Porvenir

Located in the heart of Ecuador’s famous Avenue of the Volcanoes, Hacienda El Porvenir offers an unparalleled experience to lovers of nature and adventure in one of the most unique places on earth. Here, the focus is not only on discovering the Andes through adventure sport and interaction with its colorful and charismatic local inhabitants, but also on sustainable development and nature conservation.

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Hacienda La Alegría

For horse and nature lovers alike, Hacienda La Alegría, well-known for its warm, traditional hospitality, is sure to meet your expectations. Located in the heart of Ecuador’s Avenue of the Volcanoes and designed in 1911 by an Italian architect, the recently restored house offers all the luxuries and comforts of home in a beautiful Andean setting.

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Hacienda Zuleta

Hacienda Zuleta’s beautiful grounds are full of history dating back to the year 700 A.D. Once home to the ancient Caranqui people and later Galo Plaza Lasso, a former president of Ecuador, the hacienda is now a working dairy farm. Other projects include a Condor rescue center and handicraft production that supports the local community.

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Hacienda Hato Verde

Hacienda Hato Verde Boutique Hotel combines the best of a historic Andean hacienda and working dairy farm with the luxuries offered by one of the finest and exclusive boutique hotels in Ecuador. Located on the southern face of the mighty Cotopaxi Volcano, the highest active volcano in the world, Hato Verde is known for its spectacular scenery, elegant decoration and personalized service.

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Hacienda La Ciénega

Dating back to 1695, the historic hacienda La Ciénega has been in the possession of the same family ever since. Illustrious guests who have been cosseted behind the grand old house’s two-meter thick walls include Carlos Maria de la Condamine who led the French Geodesic Mission, numerous Ecuadorian presidents and the acclaimed (and almost certainly gay) geographer, naturalist and explorer, Alexander von Humboldt – the founder of modern geography.

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Hacienda Manteles

Built in 1965, Hacienda Manteles, one of the most beautiful hotel-haciendas in Ecuador, is nestled between the Sangay and Llanganati National Parks atop a peaceful Andean valley where it offers its guests stunning views of the Tungurahua Volcano, active since 1999.

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Hacienda Chorlaví

Known for its inherent beauty and for being an enchanting, living tradition itself, Hacienda Chorlaví is located in the northern Andes near the city of Ibarra. Its design and decoration inspired by the purest European style, the beautiful old home was built using techniques dating back to the Caranqui-Inca era. Within its walls, huge canvases where the talent of many Ecuadorian painters can be admired, are the memories and mementoes of the Tobar family that has owned the property for six generations.

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